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Renew Your Notary Commission Online
    Notary Public Underwriters has the opportunity, every day, to deliver notary goods and services to notaries public throughout the entire country. We accomplish this through the vast array of resources and personnel we have cultivated within our operation. Our supportive customer care department is easily accessible, and able to provide any of our […]
Is A Mobile Notary Stamp Right For You?
Shop Mobile Notary Supplies     We live in a time where the majority of people we see, carry with them a highly advanced computational device. It seems as though smart phones have completely changed the dynamic in which we retrieve and transmit information. Yet despite all that digital space, people are still carrying documents, […]
Do You Know Who Is Making Your Notary Stamp?
   There is no more powerful symbol of a notary public’s authority than his or her official stamp on a notarized document.     Knowing this, should you trust the creation of your notary stamp to just anyone? Most notaries realize that their commissioning state dictates the design and appearance of their notary stamp.  Yet too […]
Staying Safe as a Notary Public
  Staying Safe as a Notary Public Every year, more notaries become mobile, making notarizations at their client’s convenience. While this has improved the businesses of many mobile notaries and has created an easier way for people to obtain notarizations, it has also posed quite a few safety concerns, some of which include: meeting in […]
Tips for Getting Your Notary Application Accepted the FIRST Time
TIPS for Getting Your Application ACCEPTED the FIRST Time The process of becoming a notary public varies per state: some states require references, some states require a copy of your driver’s license, and some states even require the completion of an education course. If any of these requirements are not met, your application cannot be submitted […]
Becoming a Notary Public in Tennessee
  What You Need to Know about Becoming a Notary Public in Tennessee: Every state has a unique process for commissioning notaries public. If you are interested in Becoming a Notary public in the state of Tennessee, here are some things you may need to know: Tennessee is one of only a few states in […]
Alabama Notary Education Course
NEW Education Opportunity for Alabama Notaries Public Notary Public Underwriters is happy to announce the newly available Alabama Notary Education Course. Though an education course is not required for commissioning as a notary public by the state of Alabama, there are many benefits to taking one: For starters, unless directly related to their employment, most […]
Notaries Are Prohibited From Giving Legal Advice
So what constitutes legal advice?  As a notary public, you are prohibited from giving legal advice. The question most often asked, though, is: What exactly is considered legal advice? The answer is, “More than you would think.”   The following prohibited acts are examples of giving legal advice: Giving advice or your opinion on a document or […]
The Difference Between an Acknowledgment and a Proof
  Every commissioned notary in the United States is authorized to perform an acknowledgment. Some, but not others, are additionally allowed to take proofs. So what are the actual differences between these two, very similar, duties? Acknowledgment An acknowledgment is a declaration made by a notary public that the document in question was voluntarily completed […]
Tips for Traveling Safely this Holiday Season
  While the holidays are meant to be full of joy and cheer, traveling during the holidays can sometimes be less than cheerful. Here, we have compiled a list of things you can do to help ensure your travels are not riddled with unnecessary stresses, so you can enjoy your family and friends this holiday […]